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About LetsBeClean™


We deliver dry bottoms.



LetsBeClean™ is a Family operated business in Sydney serving the nation daily.


We are a licensed Huggies distributor. Trusted Kimberly-Clark household brands are distributed to homes, businesses & Government Departments through ~ LetsBeClean™.


The key to our success is derived from listening to our customers, always be flexible to your needs and at all times strive to exceed our customer's expectations.


If you want a convenient way of shopping then we’ll deliver the items right to your door or workplace. This also takes the worry out of having to juggle awkward packs of nappies and other bulky items in your shopping trolleys.


We don’t have long queues so we welcome you to our friendly distribution outlet. We acknowledge you with a name and not by an account number.


Come on, enjoy the experience. Place an order now and we'll come to you.